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2018 4th China Swine Industry Forum and 1st China World Swine Expo
  Notice and Invitation Letter
  通  知  邀请函

  The Chinese pig industry has just experienced two years of low-tide market period from 2013 to May 2015, and then two years of high-tide market period from June of 2015 to 2017. 2018 and 2019 will be expected as a low-tide market period. In order to face the coming low-tide market, how should producers and integrated pig enterprises act? How should upstream and downstream enterprises in pig chain do? How should producers avoid the risk of big loss or even bankruptcy during coming years?
  In recent years, along with progress of production structure change and optimization, layout adjustment, innovation, transformation, and upgrading of the supply side in pig industry of China, backyard pig producers are continuing to dispear, small and medium-sized pig producers are reducing rapidly, large-scale producers have been developing quickly. The pig industry in China is been rearranged, with characteristics as the pig production development moving from south to  north, and from east to west. The upstream and downstream enterprises of pig industry chain, such as feed enterprises ect, started to develope pig production business. Feed, vaccine and drug enterprises are facing strong competition and surviving risk. With the increasing environmental pressure, environmental awareness of pig producers is increasing. The outdated pig production capacities have been quickly replaced by the more modern and efficent capacities. Innovation, transformation, and upgrading of the supply side have achieved remarkable results. With the rapid development of pig production, technology, Internet, Internet of things and big data, intelligent  pig production management have been emerging. The control of pig disease and production cost has been paid great attention. Pig production efficiency has been improved rapidly last years. The new and frontier products and new technoloty are appearing to help improving pig industry. Various Pig production and technic services are arising rapidly. Win-win cooperation and shared economic development model have become prominent as the trend of the pig industry....
  The future is the era of shared platform! The future is the era of shared economy! "Exchange and share, win-win cooperation" has always been the purpose of "China Swine Industry Forum". The organizing committee of "China Swine Industry Forum" scheduled to hold "2018 4th China Swine Industry Forum and 1st China World Swine Expo" at Zhuhai International Convention Centre on December 13-14, 2018, where we shall gather top wisdom in various fields of the pig industry, where we shall integrate various resources both inside and outside the industry, where we shall exchange and share as needed, in order to build the shared development platform of China's pig industry. The forum will help pig producers and enterprises to find the best resources for their development, so that to achieve the goals as ruducing cost, technology innovation, transformation and upgrading, win-win collaboration ect. The forum will promote a long-term, healthy and stable development of pig industry in China!
  未来是共享平台时代!未来是共享经济时代!“交流分享 合作共赢”,始终是我们《中国猪业高层交流论坛》的宗旨。《中国猪业高层交流论坛》组委会定于2018年12月13-14日在珠海国际会展中心举办“2018第四届中国猪业高峰论坛暨首届中国世界猪业博览会”,在这里,我们将聚集猪业各领域顶级智慧,整合行业内外有效资源,互通有无,取长补短,搭建中国猪产业链共享经济发展平台,帮助猪业企业找到降本增效、转型升级、创新发展、共享共赢的最佳实现路径,推动中国猪业长期、健康、稳定发展!
  Convention and Exhibition Theme
  Cost decreasing and benefit increasing  Transformation and upgrading  Innovative development  Shared win-win
  降本增效  转型升级  创新发展  共享共赢
  Convention and Exhibition Feature
  New vision  New thought  New idea  New strategy  New model  New technology  New Solution  New product
  新视野  新思路  新观念  新战略  新模式  新技术  新方案  新产品
  Convention and Exhibition Period
  Dec. 13-14, 2018 (Check in on Dec.12, return on Dec.15)
  Dec. 13-14, 2018 (Arrange exhibitions on Dec.11-12, exhibit on Dec.13-14)
  Convention and Exhibition Address
  Zhuhai International Convention Centre, Henqin Free Trade Zone, Zhuhai, Guangdong
  广东省珠海市横琴自贸区  珠海国际会展中心
  Organizer  主办单位
  Organizing Committee of China Swine Industry Forum
  Undertaker  承办单位
  Pearl of the Orient (Zhuhai) Animal Husbandry Development Co., Ltd.
  Co-sponsor  协办赞助单位 
  Special Naming co-sponsor: under collecting...
  冠名特别协办赞助单位: 征集中…
  Special Dinner party co-sponsor: under collecting...
  Other Co-sponsors: under collecting...
  Please contact: Wang Wei 13811541001 (also as WeChat ID) for co-sponsorship.
  协办赞助具体方案请咨询联系人:王  微 13811541001(同微信号)
  Supporting Media  支持媒体
  Film production sponsor of conference and exhibition aerial shooting documentary: under collecting...
  Exclusive live sponsor of conference and exhibition: under collecting...
  Pig e media, Cel media, China pig farming network, "Pigs Today", new pig network, love pig network, pig farm power net, pig information network, pig online, livestock rally market, "China Animal Health", pea pig App, "Swine Industry Science", "foreign animal husbandry - pigs and poultry", "new fodder-scale pig raising", agricultural financial treasury-new livestock net, large animal husbandry, herdsman, micro pigs, Hengheng association, Veterinary Oritentation, Luocheng technology, HaiLianXin culture media,New Animal husbandry
  Participants  参会对象
  Members of WeChat group of "China Swine Industry Forum", experts and bosses of pig industry, senior managers, general managers, presidents, technic directors, and bosses of large-scale pig farms or pig enterprises (with minimum 500 sows or 10000 hogs).
  Convention and Exhibition Content  会议会展内容 
  The convention will invite 26 domestic and foreign famous entrepreneurs and experts in pig industry to represent all areas of pig industry chain to give excellent and updated reports. The reporters andj topics are being planned and invited. The forum schedule will be released in July 2018.
  The exhibition will invite 500 domestic and foreign enterprises of pig industry and related business to participate, and will invite the world pig industry elites to visit the quality goods exhibition of world pig industry.
  Registration and Charges  参会报名与费用
  Registration  会议报名
  WeChat invitation letter (notice) scan QR code for direct registration Or contact Zeng Rong 15116495520 (also as WeChat ID), He Shan 18817335940 (also as WeChat ID) for direct registration
  Please find the Attachment 1 for Registrant Information, and Attachment 2 for Hotel Room Type and Price List;
  Please find the Attachment 1 for Registrant Information, and Attachment 2 for Hotel and Price List;
  Remit convention affair charges to specified account. You can also make a direct WeChat payment to Zeng Rong if you don't need invoice. The organizer will reserve the hotel rooms for you, which you need to pay by yourself during check-in.
  Convention Affair Charges  会议会务费
  Register before Nov.12, 2018, 2000 Yuan/person;
  Register after Nov.12, 2018 or on site, 2500 Yuan/person;
  Charge Free for honorary chairman, members of the organizing committee, personnel of secretary office, and honored guests of China Swine Industry Forum;
  Exempt changes for 1 person with 10000 Yuan for co-sponsorship;
  Exempt charges for 1 person for each exhibitor /(3 x 3) standard booth area;
  The convention affair charges include meal fee, rental fee, class fee, material fee etc. (transportation, travel and accommodation expenses shall be borne by participants).
  Exhibitor Registration and Charges  参展商报名与费用
  Exhibitorion registration contacts: Gong Xiaolan 13466552589 (also as WeChat ID), exhibitors shall fill out "Registrant Information", please find the Attachment 3; please find Attachment 4 for booth distribution diagram, please contact Gong Xiaolan for booth rates advisory, booth reservation principle: register first, pay first, select first. 
  参展报名联系人:龚小兰 13466552589(同微信号),参展企业填写“参展报名表”见附件3,展位分布图见附件4,展位收费标准咨询联系龚小兰,展位预定原则:先报名、先付款、先确定。
  Registration deadline: September 1, 2018.
  Exhibition Scope参展范围
  1. Image exhibition of large-scale pig enterprises;
  2. Imported boars, national protected pig breeds, artificial insemination equipment and consumables, genetic technology and equipments;
  3. Feed, raw materials, additives, feed processing technique and equipment;
  4. Drugs, vaccines, raw materials of drugs and veterinary services;
  5. Veterinary equipment, epidemic disease detection instrument and equipment;
  6. Large-scale Pig farm equipments, pig farm design and construction, intelligent pig production technology, IT application in pig production, intelligent information system, sensing technology and equipment, feeding, drinking, ventilation, temperature control and environmental control equipment, cleaning equipment;
  7. Dung disposal technology and equipment, harmless treatment equipment of death pigs, and environmental protection equipment;
  8. Pig technical books and periodicals, agriculture and animal husbandry financing institutions, agriculture and animal husbandry advisory services, and industry media;
  Payment Method  付款方式
  Payee: Pearl of the Orient (Zhuhai) Stockbreeding Development Co., Ltd.
  Account number: 4335 6101 0400 0892 8
  账    号:4335 6101 0400 0892 8
  Bank of deposit: Zhuhai Branch of Guangdong Branch of Agricultural Bank of China
  Contacts for Convention and Exhibition  会议会展咨询联系人
  Wang Wei 138 1154 1001 (WeChat ID) E-mail:2513132757@qq.com   Responsible for co-sponsor registration.
  王  微 138 1154 1001 (微信号) 邮箱:2513132757@qq.com  负责协办赞助商报名
  Zeng Rong 151 1649 5520 (WeChat ID) E-mail:271028140@qq.com   Responsible for forum registration.
  曾  蓉 151 1649 5520 (微信号) 邮箱:271028140@qq.com   负责论坛会议参会报名
  Gong Xiaolan 134 6655 2589 (WeChat ID) E-mail:928496278@qq.com    Responsible for expo registration.
  龚小兰 134 6655 2589 (微信号) 邮箱:928496278@qq.com   负责博览会参展商报名
  He Shan 188 1733 5940  (WeChat ID) E-mail:1355653081@qq.com    Responsible for hotel accommodation and finance
  何  闪 188 1733 5940  (微信号)  邮箱:1355653081@qq.com负责会议酒店住宿及财务
  Committee of China Swine Industry Forum
  Pearl of the Orient (Zhuhai) Animal Husbandry Development Co., Ltd.
  March 18, 2018
  Attachment 1: Registrant Information of 2018 4th China Swine Industry Forum


Attachment 2: Hotel Room Type and Price List
Attachment 3: Registrant Information of Exhibitors of 2018 1st China World
Swine Expo
Attachment 4: 【Please contact Gong Xiaolan 13466552589 (WeChat ID) for more clear plan.】
附件4:【如需更清楚的平面图请联系 龚小兰 13466552589(微信号)】

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